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Sell Our Handmade Jewelry In Your Store Today!

Request Our Wholesale Guide Here:

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We have showcased our jewelry for the past 8 years in small batches in storefronts and galleries and at various arts and crafts shows all over the regional southeast and as far west as Boulder, CO with great success.

We offer high quality products that consist of gold, rose gold and silver filled chains, AAA quality stones and one of a kind, handmade style that we challenge you to find anywhere else. Each batch of jewelry we create is unique in the sense that each buyer will own a unique piece of a collection without costing you a fortune in wholesale costs. Fresh, new styles can also breathe life into your store with each new order you fulfill to keep customers coming back.


We offer display materials that compliment your store decor, along with cards, bags, signs and a 100% repair or replacement guarantee on all of our jewelry.

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Let It Be Yours Jewelry Co. is a small,

Mississippi-based jewelry

establishment run by a family design

team. We specialize in handmade jewelry built around precious

and semi-precious gems, exotic wood,

leather, pearls, and metals.

Thank you for your inquiry! We will get with you shortly.

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